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Important information for API consumers using SEDOL

By Christofer Andersson
03/12/20 13:53

If you are using our APIs and also SEDOL, please make sure you have a licence in place. Intelligent office may be obliged to notify the LSE of SEDOL use. 


Official information from the London Stock Exchange:

Any entity accessing / receiving SEDOL Masterfile data is required to have an appropriate license agreement directly with The London Stock Exchange in order to receive, or continue to receive, SEDOL Masterfile Data.


Usage is defined in the SEDOL Masterfile Pricing Policy which is available on our website ( , and includes ‘_Receiving, accessing, extracting, processing, adapting, storing, and/or reproducing the whole or a subset of the Exchange’s SEDOL Masterfile database, including SEDOL, whether as a result of access to the database either directly via the Exchange, or indirectly via a third party.’_



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