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Changelog 12/06/2019

By Christofer Andersson
12/06/19 15:56

List of recent updates and fixes for our public APIs
  • Fixed bug that caused a 500 internal error when requesting a manual fund via funds API
  • Property "isVisibleToClient" has been added to new Plan API
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to add dependant while using Tenant Client Credential (TCC) flow
    • A 500 internal server error was returned When a 3rd party app tried to POST a dependant through the API using tenant client credentials flow.
  • Posting a relationship with type 'Employee,Employer' creates the relationship the other way around e.g. corporate client is 'Employee' and personal client is 'Employer'.
  • Fixed an issue that gave a "403 Forbidden" on using PUT against any plan using new Plan API.










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