Upcoming changes to Plan API

By Christofer Andersson
24/04/20 10:49

Intelligent Office and its APIs are constantly evolving, and we are now introducing a new way of how Plan API handles currency.

We are changing how IO and our APIs handle currencies and are introducing a preferred header for Plans. "Prefer: currency=base" will retrieve the plan in the base currency . By default, the API will return the plan in plan.Currency which can be any currency.

This new feature gives you the ability to record contributions, withdrawals, and valuations in plan currency which is different than the regional base currency. Currently, a Plan can be set to use a different currency but all underlying valuations, etc are in GBP within the API.

There is no contract change, but if you do not apply the preferred header there is a chance you might get a plan and its latest valuation in a currency you didn’t expect.

The changes are due to be implemented during Q2. This post will be updated when we have a exact date.



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