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Changes to Client Address API - Adding Property Details

The client address API at /v2/clients/{clientId}/addresses is being extended by adding property details to the address resource.  This post serves as notice to our developer community of this change, and while this is considered to be a minor update, it highlights some potential pitfalls that need to be avoided when we release this into production.  We'll discuss these below when we talk about the operations for managing them, but first things first - what do we mean by property details?

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By Christofer Andersson
23/08/19 11:12


Changelog 12/06/2019

List of recent updates and fixes for our public APIs
  • Fixed bug that caused a 500 internal error when requesting a manual fund via funds API
  • Property "isVisibleToClient" has been added to new Plan API
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to add dependant while using Tenant Client Credential (TCC) flow
    • A 500 internal server error was returned When a 3rd party app tried to POST a dependant through the API using tenant client credentials flow.
  • Posting a relationship with type 'Employee,Employer' creates the relationship the other way around e.g. corporate client is 'Employee' and personal client is 'Employer'.
  • Fixed an issue that gave a "403 Forbidden" on using PUT against any plan using new Plan API.


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By Christofer Andersson
12/06/19 15:56

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